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AI-1,010 Tools

2023 AI-1010 tools will change the new style of work for you and me

 AI-1,010 tools will revolutionize the way we work Neither you nor I will be replaced by AI Those who will be replaced are those who don’t use AI in 2023ㄡ

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Social media

Through the application of AI in social media, the efficiency of content creation, advertising placement, user interaction, data analysis, etc. can be improved, and greater value can be created for the brand.


In the application of SEO, AI can improve keyword analysis, website structure optimization, content creation strategy, external link building, etc., so that the website can get a higher ranking in the search engine.


In the application of email, AI can automatically write, optimize the subject and content, analyze data such as letter opening rate and click rate, and improve user experience and marketing effect.


In terms of improving productivity, AI can assist in planning work, automate tedious tasks, and optimize the decision-making process, thereby improving efficiency, reducing costs, and achieving higher work performance.

Ai models

In the application of AI model, functions such as language understanding, image recognition, and data analysis can be realized, providing solutions for various industries, and continuously expanding the application field of artificial intelligence.


In photo applications, AI can perform image recognition, automatic beautification, filter generation, photo restoration and other functions, greatly improving image processing efficiency and creative effects.


In the application of AVATAR, AI can create a realistic 3D image, perform functions such as speech synthesis and motion simulation, and enrich the interaction in the virtual world.


In the application of websites, AI can automatically generate designs, optimize website structure, realize personalized recommendations, improve user experience, and help websites gain advantages in search engines.


In the application of AI in the field of research, it can speed up data analysis, literature retrieval, experimental simulation and other links, improve research efficiency, and help scientific research innovation and the generation and application of new knowledge.


In the application of intelligent assistants, AI can assist in managing schedules, answering questions, and providing personalized suggestions, etc., saving users time, improving quality of life, and realizing intelligent services.


In the application of AI in design, it can realize functions such as automatic generation of graphics, optimized typesetting, creative matching, etc., greatly improving design efficiency and quality, and helping the development of creative industries.


In the application of AI in writing, it can automatically generate articles, optimize the structure of articles, provide writing suggestions, etc., improve the efficiency of writing, while maintaining the quality of articles and language expression.


In the application of chat, AI can realize natural language processing, understand user intentions, provide instant reply and other functions, and bring users a smart, efficient and friendly communication experience.


In the application of blockchain, AI can realize functions such as automatic execution of smart contracts, optimization of transaction mode, data security monitoring, etc., and improve the efficiency and security of the blockchain system.


The application of AI in the field of art, including automatic generation of paintings, music creation, poetry generation, etc., brings infinite possibilities to artistic creation and challenges the boundaries of human artistic expression.


In the application of music, AI can automatically generate melodies, assist in arrangement, analyze styles and other functions, greatly improve the efficiency of music creation, and expand the diversity of music art.


In the application of prompts, AI can provide creative ideas, writing inspiration, question answers, etc. according to user needs, helping users save time when creating, learning, and solving problems.


In the application of AI in the game field, it can realize intelligent NPC, game strategy optimization, game testing and other functions, and improve game interactivity, realism and richness of game experience.


In the application of the aggregator, AI can intelligently analyze, filter and integrate information from different sources, provide users with personalized recommendations, and achieve efficient and accurate information acquisition.


In the application of movies, AI can realize functions such as smart editing, picture optimization, and voice-to-text conversion, which greatly improves the efficiency of audio-visual creation and brings users a richer audio-visual experience.

You and I will not be replaced by AI Replaced by people who 「Can't use AI」

Jim Yeh

We have used AI verification for half a year:

Original Manpower:
Editing and writing industry articles: 1.5 articles (800 words) per day.
Using AI:
Using and matching tools and methods:
The first three days: 12 articles (800 words) per day.
The last three days: 68 articles (800 words) per day.
Optimization: 230 articles (800 words) per day.
Donna Range, STRIC
The original manpower B:
Making short video clips: 0.8 (60 seconds) per day.
Using AI:
Using and matching tools and methods:
The first three days: 05 (60 seconds) / day.
The last three days: 08 sticks (60 seconds)/day.
Optimization: 18 (60 seconds) / day.
Barbara Foulks, STREAL
Clara Perez, BENTIC

Various units are used successively​

#Any method and tool#
Know "Early" and use "Fast" is the winner~

For the introduction and application of this tool, we only issue 500 sets in 10 languages around the world (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, French, Indian, and Japanese). The system will be shut down when the serial number is sold out.

Distribution area: Taiwan, Mainland China, English Department, South America, Russia, Middle East, India, Japan.

Knowing that there are too many people, this is worthless!

Early bird price​

Total limit:500 sets

Service Fee: NT:4497​